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You might want to use Slime UML in the following situations:

  • You bought this $$$ hyper feature-stuffed modeling tool and started modeling. Then it happened: your client wanted the new release fast, with more features, whatever; you started coding like a devil and managed to catch the release date. But the sourcecode has not much in common with the original design diagrams. Use Slime UML to update them automatically.

  • You're a small company and can't afford $5000 for your 20 developers, but still want a good process and high-quality documentation. You won't have to spend $100 000 for Slime and it might cover 100% of your needs.

  • There's this Java code from ancient times; somehow it works, but no one really understands it. Throw it on a Slime UML diagram, autolayout, see the structures, create diagrams on certain aspects of collaboration in the framework. Try it; it'll cost you less than 1 hour.

  • You found this great open source library at the Apache site; it does exactly what you need, but - library documentation is poor. Analyze it with Slime, contribute your diagrams to the open source community.

  • You spent heaps of money on the Nr. 1 modeling tool. But your developers don't like it. They find it oversized, sluggishly reacting and all the time tell you stories about extreme programming. Try it the JUnit-way; do a bit of modeling, a bit of programming, a bit of testing. Fast and efficient. Give them Slime UML.

  • You finished this project for your client and it works excellent. Now the client asks for better documentation; there's not much time and budget left to spend months on documenting the stuff. With Slime UML you can produce good results in a couple of days.